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The Winchester-based Valley Vipers are proud to be in the heart of the Northern Shenandoah Valley. Winchester is one of the fastest growing localities in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Vipers are ready to grow with the rest of the region! 

Despite its proximity to Washington, DC, Virginia has lacked a professional basketball team –until the Vipers. Choosing the symbolism of rebirth and transformation, Team Market Owners Rodney, Rze and Tina Culbreath established the Valley Vipers in 2022. We are excited to bring professional men’s basketball to the Commonwealth of Virginia, transforming our region and providing opportunities for athletes from all walks of life to compete at a higher level. 


Our Mission is to strengthen our community through positive, family-friendly entertainment and provide athletes with the financial opportunity to continue their passion while giving back to the community. 

Logo for the Virginia Valley Vipers. Graphic of a purple snake baring its fangs over the words "Valley Vipers." Black and white mountains sit below the words.
Photo of Rodney Culbreath against a Vipers logo backdrop.

Rodney Culbreath:  Team Market Owner

Rodney Culbreath is one of the three Team Market Owners of the Valley Vipers, along with his wife, Tina, and son, Rze. A proud parent of a young athlete, Rodney has always supported Rze’s basketball career. After Rze joined the Tri-State Admirals, Rodney and his wife Tina discovered they had a new opportunity to support their son and improve the Winchester community. Together, they founded the Valley Vipers through The Basketball League in 2022, bringing the first professional basketball to Virginia.
Rodney is also a founder of the I’m Just Me Movement, a nonprofit youth mentoring organization that is the charity of choice of the Valley Vipers. Rodney knows first hand the impact that positive role models can make in the lives of youth and hopes the Vipers can help inspire both youth and adults, whether on the court or in the community.

Photo of Rze Culbreath against a Vipers logo backdrop.

Rze Culbreath: Team Market Owner

Rze Culbreath is one of the three Team Market Owners of the Valley Vipers, along with his parents, Rodney and Tina Culbreath. In addition to being a TMO, Rze is a professional basketball player, having played both for The Basketball League’s Tri-State Admirals and overseas in Armenia. He brings a unique perspective as a former player in The Basketball League to guide the organization.
Along with his parents, Rze also founded the I’m Just Me Movement, a nonprofit youth mentoring organization in Winchester, Virginia. He uses his platform as an athlete to help inspire the youth he mentors and help them reach their full potential. 

Photo of Tina Culbreath against a Vipers logo backdrop.

Tina Culbreath:  Team Market Owner

Tina Culbreath is one of the three Team Market Owners of the Valley Vipers, along with her husband, Rodney, and son, Rze. After supporting Rze’s athletic career for years, Tina and Rodney chose to found the Valley Vipers, expanding The Basketball League to Virginia.
In addition to founding the Valley Vipers, Tina also founded The I’m Just Me Movement, a youth mentoring nonprofit organization. Tina has dedicated her life to supporting the Winchester community and believes the Vipers will be an integral part of that mission through their community outreach.
Photo of Sanford Silver against a Vipers logo backdrop.

Sanford Silver:  General Manager

Sanford Silver is the General Manager and Team Chaplain of the Virginia Valley Vipers. Sanford has a longstanding connection to the Northern Shenandoah Valley basketball community and currently serves as the varsity coach for the James Wood High School Girls Basketball team. 
Photo of Lester Conner, the head coach of the Virginia Valley Vipers.

Lester Conner: Head Coach

Lester Conner has over 20 years of experience as an Assistant Coach as well as 12 years playing in the NBA.

Conner, who played for seven teams in 12 NBA Seasons, began his professional coaching career in 1998 as an assistant coach to Rick Pitino in Boston. He also worked as a scout for the Miami Heat and an assistant coach for the Magic Johnson All-Stars.

A first round pick of the Golden State Warriors in 1982 (14th Overall), Conner averaged 6.3 points and 3.9 assists with the Warriors, Bucks, Pacers, Rockets, Nets, LA Clippers and Lakers. He earned a Continental Basketball Association

Championship as a member of the Rapid City Thrillers in 1986-1987.

Prior to joining the Virginia Valley Vipers, Lester was as an assistant coach at Lincoln University working with Gary Payton from 2021 – 2022. Lester was a consultant and scout for the Los Angeles Lakers working directly under Magic Johnson, President of Basketball Operations of the Lakers. He has also been the Lead Assistant for the Denver Nuggets and Atlanta Hawks, the Associate Head Coach for the Philadelphia 76ers (2004-2005),  an Assistant Coach with the Indiana Pacers (2007-2010), Milwaukee Bucks (2005-2007) and Boston Celtics (1998-2004).

Conner grew up in Oakland California, winning a California State Championship his senior year at Fremont High School.

After two years at Chabot Junior College in California, Conner left and played for the legendary Ralph Miller at Oregon State, helping lead the Beavers to a 51-7 record. He was named an AP All-American and Pac-10 Player of the Year as a senior.

Kenny Gordon: Head Statistician

Kenny Gordon is the head statistician of the Virginia Valley Vipers and leads a top-notch team of statisticians.
Kenny was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. After spending a few years in Fairmont, West Virginia, Kenny and his wife of 32 years moved to Winchester, Virginia, where they have lived for the past 15 years. Kenny has been involved with sports for over 30 years, including coaching AAU Basketball and Pop Warner Football, serving as a coach for both middle and high school basketball teams, and coaching both youth and adults in various sports through Winchester Parks and Recreation. Currently, Kenny coaches in the Superb Basketball League and serves as the official scorekeeper for Division I Coppin State Basketball and Shenandoah University. Kenny is a family man with 3 children and 3 grandchildren, all of whom have kept him involved in sports over the years.